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Music is probably one the most important and powerful things in my life. I grew up in a rather musical family - my mother used to own a ballroom/latin dance club in Hong Kong where she sang Chinese, Canto and English oldies with her band. My Uncle is a producer for a famous band in Hong Kong and a lead guitarist for top Cantopop singers and TV station. My family has always had music played or sung at home. Music is just like air to us, it's always here around us, it's part of us. 


I started learning piano when I was 6, guitar when I was 14, performed as female lead in musical plays at 16. I thought I would take up a musical career, but instead I went to university and got a degree in Marketing, and then entered a Management Consulting firm. My marketing career took off, I got married and have kids, I forgot about music......

One day when my first child was 2 years old, I came across a jazz music school. I went in and saw that they were recruiting jazz piano students and singers to join the jazz ensemble. Without hesitation, I took part in the audition and was recruited to be the lead singer of the jazz band. I also started learning jazz piano, and got in touch with the mesmerizing form of music - Jazz. 

That special day changed my life. I feel embarrassed and inadequate to say that I am a jazz musician, but I am certainly a music and jazz enthusiast. Over the last 10 years, I took part in numerous performances in large and small gigs, the most memorable ones being the intimate gatherings in which I played with a small group of like minded friends and acquaintances. We are certainly not the best musicians, but we are great in having fun. 

I am way over the age to start a career in music, but I am still learning. Last year, I started learning jazz and electric guitar. I feel that my brain is constantly fried whenever my teacher makes me play triads and scales to improvise to jazz standards. Yet, I will not let my aging brain limit myself. I am determined to continue in the journey of music no matter where it will take me. 

If you are interested in joining me on my musical journey, go to my Youtube channel and subscribe to my videos. I will be very grateful for your company. 

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