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About Me

Hi There!

Thank you for clicking in to know more about me! Let me first tell you a little story:

One day, I had a conversation with a young doctor who works in a very busy public hospital. Everyday, he sees many patients in critical condition and some of them are in their last moments. 

He said: "From the moment of birth, all of us are rolling down the hill to die. Some people's slopes are steep and they die young. Some lucky folks can live a long and good life, their slopes are flat and less bumpy. Yet, one thing we know for certain - we'll all eventually die. The doctor's job is to reduce the angle of your slope, but the most important thing is that you need to enjoy your ride no matter it is long or short."

So here, this explains why I am inspired to create this sustainable living blog about all the little things that I encourage you to do to make life more enjoyable. I hope what I write can provide you with ideas, inspirations, and happiness, so we can all enjoy the ride, smell the flowers along the way, appreciate the every little things that bring us joy. This is how we ROLL!

Now a little bit about me. I am a homemaker, mother of two daughters, an avid baker, craft and DIY enthusiast, a part-time musician and performer (singer, pianist, guitarist), a newly converted vegetarian (still trying), a home composter and urban gardener, business consultant, and I have great passion in living a minimalistic and zero-waste lifestyle (also trying). Nice meeting you!

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