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DIY All-natural orange vinegar hair conditioner for beautiful hair and many the other uses

Today I'd like to show you how to make this amazing and versatile hair rinse + all-purpose cleaner + ant repellent. It really is amazingly versatile, easy to make, I am sure you will love having it at home.

Vinegar rinse is so amazing, even Martha Stewart and my aromatherapy Shi-fu love it

I first learned about using citric acid as conditioner on hair from my essential oils and soap making shi-fu/supplier. I was amazed by how smooth my hair has become the first time I tried. After that I started trying other recipes such as the popular apple-cider vinegar and making my own infused orange peels vinegar rinse/conditioner. Vinegar rinse is so good, even Martha Stewart talked about it (click here to read her post).

Why do I spend time to make this?

1. Waste is never truly waste (except plastics and plastic fibres which we should all avoid). Organic wastes should always have a new life before they are composted (see my earlier post about Bokashi composting in urban homes)

2. Orange and citrus skins contain useful oils that are known for fragrances that uplift moods, and anti-oxidation and anti-microbial capabilities

3. Many store-bought conditioners contain toxic chemicals - silicones, synthetic fragrances, preservatives etc. that coat hair fibres with polymers to make them feel smooth temporarily

4. Stop buying products stored in plastic bottles.

5. Because it is fun to DIY

How to make Orange Vinegar

What you will need:

1. A glass jar with lid e.g. repurposed from jam bottles. Don't use plastic or stainless steel container as vinegar will corrode them.

2. Orange peels

3. White rice vinegar (don't buy the artificial kind)

4. A glass spray bottle (for spraying on hair)

What you need to do:

1. Put the orange peels in the glass jar, fill the jar up with vinegar

2. Let the vinegar sit in a dark place for 1-2 weeks until you see that the vinegar has become a nice orange colour and is infused with the beautiful aroma of oranges

How to use it as conditioner:

Spray on:

- After your usual shampoo wash, directly spray the orange vinegar on your hair (avoid your face, nose, and especially your eyes, close your eyes at all times when spraying). If you have itchy scalp, you can also spray a bit on your scalp.

- Massage your hair for a few minutes and use your fingers to brush through your hair

- Rinse off the vinegar

Hair soak (if your hair is long enough)

- Pour a little bit of the orange vinegar into a bowl, and add warm water.

- Soak the ends of your hair in the bowl and massage for a few minutes

- Rinse off

Note: avoid using the vinegar when you have broken skin, rashes, or you are allergic to orange or vinegar.

This is how my hair looked after using the orange vinegar spray everyday for a week. It really feels smooth and easy to brush, even though my hair is thick and rough and coloured.

What are the other uses of orange vinegar?

Amazing ants repellents

Ants hate vinegar and orange oil. So this combination is really great in repelling ants from your home and the added benefit? It smells great. Here's an expert's post about using vinegar and orange peels as ant repellents (Click here)

Super all-natural cleaning power

Make ovens and stoves nice again

You can combine baking soda with orange peel vinegar to make this amazing oven and stove cleaner that will melt away years of oven and stove grime. (See this post written by another blogger to find out how to do it).

Make stainless steel shine again

Spray it on stainless steel for extra shine, spray it on toilets as disinfectants and nice fragrance.

Make dish towels smell nice again

Soak your dirty and smelly kitchen towels in the vinegar to make them smell nice again.

Sorry about using these DJT puns again and again, it just stuck with me : P

Do you have other ideas and ways to use Orange Peel or Citrus Vinegar? Please share!

So here's today's sharing, please click my other posts to see what other DIY projects I have shared before and enjoy!

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