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How to convert a grown-up size face mask into child size mask in 3 simple steps

This post is particularly useful if your children dislike fabric masks as much as mine, and you cannot find affordable surgical masks that fit their tiny faces. Using these simple steps, you can convert a flat pleated face mask into a 3D boat shape face mask that my children find most comfortable to wear. This design leaves no gaps on the sides and the mask doesn't move around anymore.

We like the Korean boat shaped masks most, but they are too expensive for use everyday

My children and I have tried many kinds of masks and the kind that we like most are the Korean 3D KF80 or KF95 face masks that do not have folds, or are boat shaped. However, these can be very expensive (about US$2 per mask), provided that we need to discard them everyday.

Fabric masks are more environmentally friendly, but they get wet quickly

I have sewn many fabric face masks for NGOs and charities, but my children just find them difficult to breathe in, and after a school day in the hot weather, the fabric masks become too wet.

I hope that this video is useful for those of you who are facing similar issues, and I wish everyone good health.

Have a great day and smile even though we are wearing masks.

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