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Repurpose an A4 plastic folder into a surgical mask case

Learn how to use an A4 plastic folder to make a hygienic surgical face mask carrying case to bring with you when you run errands, so if you need to remove it temporarily you have a hygienic way to keep it and extend the life of your precious face masks!

Wearing face mask is important

It is proven from the experience of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan that wearing face masks universally in the entire community do help to reduce the spread of virus. (Click here for related news)

Keeping the masks hygienic is also as important I understand that many of us are wearing surgical masks and cotton masks these days to protect ourselves when we go outside of homes to run errands. It is inevitable that we may need to remove our masks to eat or drink when we are outside, so what do we do with the masks after we remove them? These masks are so hard to buy and you want to extend the use for a long as possible.

You certainly shouldn’t just leave it anywhere, or simply fold it and shove it into your bag. It is unhygienic and will waste your precious face mask. Remember! Before you remove your face mask you should also wash your hands first.

Some smart ladies in Taiwan and Hong Kong designed and repurposed A4 plastic folders into plastic cases for temporarily storage of the masks. That’s so smart! I studied them and came up with my own design.

This one is simple to make, and the sealing of the sides using iron makes it a lot more sturdy than simply using double-sides tape.

Do remember that while it is important to wear a face mask when you go out, the surgical masks are intended for single use only. So remember to change to a new one when it is soiled.

Disinfect this plastic case everytime after use with alcohol.

Please share this post with your friends and family if you find it useful.

Wish everyone good health, stay safe.

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