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Live Well. Live Green. Be Happy

"Make every moment meaningful.

Express your love. Be kind. Live sustainably.

Dance and sing to your music.

Fulfil your dreams no matter how small.

Always do the right things.

As long as you live, keep learning how to live"

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About Me

Hello! I'm Miriam

I am a person with many interests and roles. I often find it hard to describe myself when someone asks me "What do you do?"

I am a mother of two, a pianist, guitarist and singer, a baker who used to have a small baking business, a business consultant & marketing executive, DIY enthusiast, and now an urban gardener/eco enthusiast with great passion for living an Eco-conscious lifestyle.

We often look for labels to define who we are. Why can't we stop defining ourselves by our titles, but be advocates of the things that make life beautiful and worth living? To me, a fruitful life is not about material possessions, but the moments that fill our hearts with joy.

I am excited about sharing my ideas, projects, recipes, tips, articles, and thoughts about sustainability, family life, music & art, and more. Please join me, find happiness in the little things that we do everyday.

Little Green Fingers

Welcome to "Little Green Fingers" - a sustainable living blog which shares ideas for living creatively, beautifully, and sustainably, while making a positive impact on society, community, and the environment.

"Make the moments, sing the songs, touch the hearts of the people around you.​ Define yourself by the beauty and love that you bring to this world. Make what you love, love what you make. Together, with our little green fingers, we can make our world Green again." 

Miriam Yeung, Little Green Fingers

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